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With one-on-one counselling being one of the most common types of interventions, the uniqueness of each client allows our therapists to tailor services to the needs and goals of the individual. Recognition of thought and behavior patterns, coupled with the objectives of increasing emotional regulation and well-being are just some of the focuses within the therapeutic setting. As well, a person-in-environment approach is utilized to recognize the influence of social and environmental factors surrounding the individual. Common Concerns: Relationship Concerns, Physical/Sexual Abuse, Addictions, Job/Career Concerns, Physical Illness, Mental Illness, Identity, Purpose


As we sometimes find in our relationships with others, conflict and disconnection can arise within our private and romantic relationships. The utilization of therapy and psychological services can help to strengthen emotional connection, increase communication skills, facilitate cohesive problem solving, and help partners to find excitement within the relationship. Common Concerns: Communication and Trust, Sexual Intimacy, Infidelity, Separation/Divorce, Financial Concerns, Parenting Styles, Addictions, Abuse


Families are as unique as the individuals that make up its members. With this, our therapists focus on the needs of the individuals while addressing the goals of the whole family unit. Common concerns within family therapy include conflict, the breakdown of relationships and communication, and maladaptive behavior patterns. Working with our therapists, families can learn to recognize strengths and assets that already exist and utilize those strengths to heal broken bonds. Common Concerns: Separation/Divorce and Transitions, Grief/Loss, Child Behavioral Issues, Blended Families, Gender Identity, LGBTQIA2S+, Addictions


A child’s experiences and biological circumstances have profound effects on how that child views his or her place in the world. The support of a [counsellor, therapist, etc] can help your child to develop coping skills, greater self-esteem, emotional regulation, and social skills. The individuality and strengths of the child are a priority within the therapeutic environment and our therapists are prepared to address a variety of concerns. Common Concerns: Emotional Concerns (ex: Anger, Anxiety, Fear), Physical or Sexual Abuse, Family Changes/Dynamics, Domestic Violence


The adolescent period is a critical time in one’s life. Identities are investigated, relationships are formed, independence may be explored, and physical changes begin. The intersectionality of these factors can be overwhelming and confusing, resulting in anxiety, depression, and a number of other mental health concerns. The safe and supportive environment provided by our therapists, with a unique focus on the needs of youth, can help to address self-esteem issues, learn positive coping skills, process grief and trauma, and explore behavioral concerns, among many other issues. Common Concerns: Bullying, Relocation Issues, Divorce, Psychological Distress, Grief, Death and Suicide, Gender Identity, LGBTQIA2S+, Domestic Violence


Counselling and psychological services are as important for our seniors as they are for younger populations. The transitions and life changes experienced as we age can include things such as retirement, losing loved ones, health issues, physical challenges, and one’s own impending mortality. Addressing concerns regarding these topics with the goals of restoring quality of life and a sense of purpose can be life-changing. Common Concerns: Medical Issues, Isolation, Disease, Mortality, Retirement, Independence


Each therapist at Paramount Psychology & Counselling has specific reasons for choosing this career path. What we all share is a genuine interest in people as individuals, the relationships that connect us, and working with people just like you to help you live the life you want.

We’ve dedicated ourselves to constantly learning and growing, so we always bring the very best treatments, interventions, and solution-focused results to our clients.

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